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Over time, we learned that our passion was to craft the words that unite couples in a memorable way. We feel that many people lose site of the fact that it is the ceremony that is the gateway of your special day and sets the pace, tone, and feeling for the day. For this reason, writing and delivering the words we craft for you is both our focus and passion. In other words, the ceremony we craft for you creates and captures your moment because we believe that in years to come, you should not have to look at a photograph to remember the moment but rather it will reside in your and your spouse’s memory forever.

ExpressVows.com sister company of TodayWeWed.com and FloridaCountyClerk.com are dedicated to creating joyous ceremonies that symbolize your love. The promises you make to each other will be the defining moments for launching the dream and vision for your new life together. For each Bride and Groom, the wedding day, should always be a day to remember, a day to cherish forever, a day that will set the two of you on your life’s journey that will be based on the love the two have for each other.  Dr. Spencer Gaines is passionate about creating the moment that is memorable, heartwarming, and entertaining that will be so meaningful to the two of you while breaking away from the boring, cold, and cookie cutter ceremonies that many a guest has had to sit through.

ExpressVows.com - When you don't need the ceremony

ExpressVows was created for those couples who are not planning a large ceremony but need a few quick vows (required by Florida Law) to get the marriage license signed and the marriage legal. We will meet you anywhere in the general northeast Florida area (coffee shop, restaurant, even the library) to sign off on the license.

Not in our area?

No problem, we can do the vows via Facetime, Zoom, or over the telephone. Please note: You have to send the license to us via express mail and the license must be in-hand prior to signing off on the marriage.


Clerk approved Florida Marriage License by Mail Processing

The Last Thing You Want to do Is Stand in Line at the County Clerk's Office

Let's be honest, the last thing you want to do is to come to Florida to get married and have to stand in line at the county clerk's office to acquire your marriage license. Through our sister company FloridaCountyClerk.Com you can receive your marriage license by mail before you get to Florida

But I Was Told We Have to Appear In Person To Get Our Marriage License...

NOT TRUE! The state of Florida realized that there are people who for whatever number of reasons cannot appear in person to apply for the marriage license. For this reason, a hand full of sate clerk's offices offer marriage license by mail services and use companies like FloridaCountyClerk.com to serve as "Marriage License Coordinators" to help people like the two you obtain your official Florida Marriage License by Mail.

It only makes sense...

Think about it, there are people that either live in Florida or will be visiting the state that are disabled, deployed military, living in another state, incarcerated, Visiting and planning on getting married in Florida, do not live near a Florida County Clerk, are from other countries, or for any reason that would prevent them from appearing in person.


Is Florida's premier "Florida Marriage License by Mail" expediting service. By ordering your Florida Marriage License by Mail online, you are saving the time needed to appear in person at the local county clerk's office. being about to order your license online means that the disabled, active duty military, incarcerated, those who are coming from another state to marry in Florida, as well as foreign visitors can benefit from our services.

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