What about a Virtual Wedding Ceremony?

Thousands of couples are facing the reality that due to the Corona Virus  they will gave to change their wedding day.

But what about that license that is about to expire - WE HAVE A SOLUTION...
For a limited time our company is offering two unique services:
1. A Romantic full wedding ceremony: Your special moment will take place on either Skype or Facetime. The ceremony can be either religious or non-religious. It will be a ceremony that will have special moments and maybe even a few giggles. 
2. Our unique "Express Vows" service: This service will take place on the phone. It is for couples that simply want to get the legalities that the wedding ceremony represents out of the way. You will schedule a time, we will connect by phone, exchange a few vows to make it official, and the officiant will sign off on the license.


In most states (Florida Included), Virtual weddings have not been approved by the state legislatuure however; these are unique times that we are living with and when faced with the choice of having to reapply for the license or following the notion of "What Happens online - Stays Online" it is easier to simply get it done and have the big ceremony and reception later.


How it's Done

It is simple: You will book the day and time of your ceremony (Virtual Wedding) or, book phone time (Express Vows) but following the information below. You will then select your service and pay for the service. Finally through the booking system you will also be able to purchase USPS Priority Mail that you will use to send us your VALID AND CURRENT MARRIAGE LICENSE as well as the express mail to send your license to the clerk's office where you obtained the marriage license from.

Note: Please due note book either service for at four business days from when you can send the license.

Note: The USPS Priority Mail is optional however; if you elect to use regular mail and the date and time for your ceremony of express vows phone call occurs and we did not receive your license you will be charged a $50.00 "No Show" fee.

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